2018 contest subject


Decoding and Exploration of Work Environment in the 21st Century.

A work environment that allows space for people from different professions who share common values and are interested in cooperation.

A planning process based on dealing with a design challenge of a space that provides a solution to complex and changing of Work needs.

The challenge is to create a space for work as a productive machine and in the same time a space as an emotional and personal place. A work space for individual needs and space for group interaction and discussion.

The planning process includes definition of a community: – such as graphics, fashion, high-tech and start-up, or for alternative medicine practitioners, entrepreneurs and businessmen.

The functional mix will be adapted to the community, to the users and to the possibility of creating a place that will enable meeting and cooperation.

The functions in the program will be attributed to the following spaces:

  1. Private workspaces
  2. Shared professional functions – such as conference rooms, photography studios, wood and metal
    workshops, printing, consulting,
  3. Informal spaces for rest and meeting that include galleries, cafes, restaurants, gyms, spa,
    a health bar, a synagogue, etc.
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