2020 Michel Gelrubin Prize Terms & Conditions

This year’s challenge

The challenge is to design a mixed-use building. The project should include private and public spaces, and consider the urban context.


Launch: October 1st 2019

Registration Deadline : Until May 1st 2020

Submission Deadline: Before April 19th 2020

Result Announcement: June 30th 2020


First prize – 5,000$

Second prize – 2,500$

Third Prize – 1,500$

The Jury

The projects will be scored based on the merit of their originality, design, environnemental merit, and presentation.

Legibility of Participation

The competition is open to any student who studies architecture (B.Arch/M.Arch/B.A. in Architecture) during the academic year 2019-2020. Candidates can apply as individuals or as teams.


The participation will be done in two stages:

  1. 1. Registration (Until May 1st 2020).
  2. 2. Electronic submission of the project files (until April 19th 2020) that must include:
  • 2 * A0 posters that integrate the documents explaining the project (plans, sections, elevations, photos, renderings, illustrations, images, diagrams, and text).
  • A presentation of the project (max 15 slides)
  • A video file (max 3 min.) is optional but highly recommended.

All the documents must be written in English and sent in a PDF format (except the videos).

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